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Is this the beginning of a new Journey? August 1, 2009

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Today my cousins Benj, Yael and their little boy Yair, leave Scotland to go back to Israel.  Benj is fortunate to have a job there, especially fortunate in times like these.  I will miss them so much. 

Since I arrived in Scotland, they have added me into their life and family.  I am so glad I have had the opportunity to get to know them.  You see, Benj is the youngest cousin and I’m the oldest, and we hardly knew each other.  Having this time in Scotland has given me the opportunity to get to know him as an adult.  And of course, Yael.  I didn’t know her very well at all and now consider her not just my cousin’s wife, but my cousin as well, a very important person in my life.  Then there’s Yair.  Oh, what a sweet boy.  Just 4 months but somehow I know he knows me.  He hangs on to my finger tight and often won’t let go.  He smiles when he sees his Tif.  I will miss him so much.  He is the first baby I’ve held as a brand new newborn.  I got to hold him at 7 hours old.  And, he’s spit up on me which I am convinced makes one friends for life.

Their leaving Scotland is the beginning of a new life for them…but it also is a new beginning for me…living in Scotland without having any family around.  When I came to Scotland, not only were Benj and Yael here, but my aunt and uncle as well.  When my aunt and uncle returned to the US in May 2008, it was just us three (now 4) left.  And today, the other 3 are leaving too.

Am I sad?  Oh yes.  Am I worried or slightly fearful at what’s ahead for me being by myself in another country?  Yep.  I am thankful for, first, being surrounded by family who guided me through the Uni process and living in another country and, secondly, for being introduced to the people I now call my friends.

So, what’s ahead for me…what changes are ahead in my life?  How will I cope being ‘all on my own’?  Believe it or not, this is a real first for me.  What focus word will I be focusing on this month??? 

I know I owe the next Locking In Post…to come shortly.  But for now, I will try to keep the tears at bay.


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