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Food – Easy Appetizer August 21, 2009

Filed under: Food — tlobner @ 9:44 pm

I just got back from watching Mowgli Stories by the theatre group Illyria at Castle Fraser here in Aberdeenshire.  Bringing picnic food is a big thing here.  This time I wanted something different than a sandwich or just cheese and crackers.  I decided to bring a sliced french baguette, some cream cheese mixed with feta cheese and a homemade tapenade.

My tapenade doesn’t have anchovies in it.  It has rinsed and finely chopped capers, chopped black and green olives, and sundried tomatoes in oil.  (All chopped as fine as possible.)  I added olive oil and minced garlic, and let it sit overnight.

For the cheese, I put the cream cheese in a bowl and added enough feta cheese based on preference.  Mix well, but you want some of the feta in chunks.  There is no need to season this at all.

Spread the cheese on the bread, top with the tapenade and, man, it was so tasty.  I almost couldn’t stop eating it! I’m sure it would taste even better if you toasted the bread.

The tapenade would also probably taste good roasted with Chicken.  Tossed with pasta… I’m sure the possibilities are endless.  Enjoy!


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