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Two Years September 13, 2009

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It’s been two years since I moved myself from California to Aberdeen, Scotland.  TWO YEARS! 

I left California from LAX on Monday, September 11, 2007.  Then, with a quick stop over in London (running from gate to security to new gate because flight was going to be leaving in like minutes only to find that flight to Aberdeen was delayed…) then off to Aberdeen where my aunt Debi and uncle Howard met me.  I was finally in Aberdeen.

My two years here have included…attending the University of Aberdeen, working at Disney store for 4 shifts, hiking munroes (going to Sign of the Blackfaced Sheep in Aboyne), housesitting and petsitting for the Jaspers, living life in a new place, returning the the US for my grandfather’s memorial, Debi and Howard leaving, going to Rome for week, turning in my over 15,000 word dissertation, seeing the Queen at the Braemar Games, attending my flatmate’s wedding on the Isle of Wight, moving from Josie’s flat to Susan’s flat, working at Starbucks, getting my diploma (MLitt) and being popped on the head by the chancellor (or someone), meeting Yael’s family at Christmas and getting to know Nerel as she stayed in Aberdeen until July, leaving Starbucks to work as a Personal Assistant, moving into my own flat, working, living, knitting for all the friends having babies, Yael having Yair, Nerel going back to Israel, Becky having Sophie, Benj and Yael going back to Israel, Josie having Oswald…

Just as my cousin Christine said, “Tiff, isn’t it your dream to live in the UK for one year…you’ve got to do it!”  And I did.  I have actually done two years.

I am thankful for one, amazed by two and excited about what’s ahead as I move toward three.


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