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Cravings September 17, 2009

Filed under: Food — tlobner @ 5:56 pm

I have been craving Mexican food for a while now.  I’ve been deliberately not eating my favorite food because I’ve noticed that my stomach makes high pitched noises as food digests especially if my food includes hard cheeses.  I know too much information but we’re friends right?!  So anyways, I’ve been hesitant to make myself the food I’ve loved forever and it’s not easy to come by here in Aberdeen, Scotland…oh, how I miss Taco Bell, Del Taco and Chipotle…

…Anyways, I’ve decided to try something different with cheeses…I’ve noticed that my stomach doesn’t react when I eat goat cheese.  So tonight, I decided I was making Mexican food…kind of getting a little tired of the chicken and couscous and I needed a change… and I was going to use goat cheese in my burrito.  Goat cheese, you exclaim!  Yes.  And you know what, it tastes so good!

I browned my beef (called mince over in the UK) with garlic and a little olive oil.  Added taco seasoning, some Johnnys seasoning (kind of like Lawrys), cilantro leaves (also known as coriander) and some stalks, pepper and lime juice.  In pot, I was cooking some black beans with lime juice and chunks of lime, cilantro and garlic.  When the beans were hot, I added them to the browned and seasoned meat.  Cooked the meat and the beans together to reduce the amount of liquid.  Then, it was ready to eat.

To accompany the meat/bean mixture, I chopped up tomatoes, some avocado, added some more cilantro (it’s been awhile since I’ve had it…).  With my flour tortillas warmed, I added the meat/bean mixture, topped it with the tomato/avocado mixture and added the goat cheese.  Rolled up the burrito and tasted.

Oh, it is so good, just the right amount of lime (used the juice of one whole lime in the meat/bean mixture and a wedge of lime for each burrito).  With the goat cheese, it tasted so mellow and yummy.  It didn’t take away the flavors of the meat/beans/lime/cilantro.  It almost seems that the goat cheese is meant to be eaten with Mexican food.  With this solution, I know I’m going to be adding this back into the rotation!

Mexican food…I am so glad you’re back!


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