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Dinning Table Love Letter October 22, 2009

Filed under: Scenic Routes — tlobner @ 1:27 pm

There is a dining table, pine with 6 chairs somewhere in someone’s home that has a love letter on it…permanently engraved on the table top.  It’s a love letter written by a young girl in thick, uneven handwriting which says “Dear Mom, I love you.  Love Tiffany”  (Yes, I did that.)

On that table is a love letter permanently stating my love for my mom.  It will never go away, may fade a little over time as the table is used but it will still be on that table.

I believe that God wants a love letter like this from us…permanently engraved on our heart, marking us as His. 

Is your heart His? 

Is your love letter written to God on your heart?  If so, is it fading a little?  Maybe it’s time to go back over that engraving to firmly state your love for him.

If it’s not engraved on your heart and you want it to, consider what it will take to get it engraved on your heart to God.


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