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And Darker and Darker it gets, here in the Far North… December 14, 2009

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The sun is getting kind of lazy.  It gets up late and decides to end the day a lot earlier each day.  The sun slowly comes out to shine but only for a short time…and it will continue to get darker and darker until one day it decides to hang around a little longer.

This morning as I was walking to work…left my flat about 7:50am and it looked just like it did last night about 4:30pm…same darkness, same strength of lighting from the store windows lighting the way.  4:30pm was about 12 hours ago and it doesn’t seem to have changed any.  Only difference it wasn’t as cold this morning as it was yesterday at 4:30pm.

But knowing that the shortest day and longest night is about to arrive…one week from today on December 21st,  it is quite understandable that daylight is becoming less and less.  Until then we fight from succumbing to SAD…Seasonal Affective Disorder (yes, this is a real thing…google it!) which is caused by not enough sunlight in our days and can be diagnosed easily due to signs of  moodiness or depression.

So, yes, I have been struggling with SAD.  Trying to avoid the seasonal depression as best as I can but I can’t help to feel a little SAD.  This year I will be experiencing Christmas without family…my first time ever!  But I will be with friends so I won’t be alone…but it won’t be the same.   I remind myself that this is part of the adventure I’m on in the far north and I need to go through this to see if I can truly handle and adapt to this kind of challenge.

On the brightside–that’s one way to avoid SAD, thinking of positive things– is to consider that once the 21st passes by, the days begin to get longer and longer…and hopefully so will energy and happiness and maybe some warmth.  

Until then, I will remember what this time of year is about…Christ and His birth.  I will remember to be joyful…why, because of the reason Christ came …to die for us…to save us from our sin and to provide a way for us to live with Him forever.  To dwell on the joy that brings more light and warmth than the sun.


2 Responses to “And Darker and Darker it gets, here in the Far North…”

  1. Tiff,

    I had that in Roseville too in january. I thought about getting a heat lamp or going to a tanning booth.. no for reals. I hated that feeling. i don’t get it here in Colorado so far. Hope you are able to find some Sunshine soon. My niece is at Capenray (spelling) in England and also without family this year. I sure wish you could see her if you weren’t too far away. She’s a mini-me and you’d be a great blessing to her.

    Merry Christmas!

    • tlobner Says:

      Thanks for your comments and for telling me about your niece. I know a couple of students who are attending Capenray. Ask her if she knows Anna Harrison and Nerel Iffert. Anna is from my church here in Aberdeen and Nerel is my cousin’s wife’s sister (essentially my ‘cousin-in-law-in-law’). Anna is coming home this weekend I believe and Nerel is coming to visit me in the beginning of January. If she needs a contact, give her my info!

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