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Snow Watch Aberdeen 2009 December 17, 2009

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Some updates from the roving reporter on the ground in Aberdeen for SNOW WATCH ABERDEEN 2009

9:00am Thursday, December 17th: snow has been sighted on car windows in the city by our roving reporter. Our other sources say that snow fall is reported in Stonehaven and certainly other outlaying areas…With the storm coming in from Russia there is more on the way.

10:00am Thursday, December 17th: Aberdeen City experienced a mild snow flurry just moments ago which now has turned to rain. This can only be a sign of that the storm system is moving in or that Aberdeen City is too warm for it to ‘stick’.

11:00am Thursday, December 17th: A dark cloud is hanging over the city making it appear like it’s night time again bringing with it cold rain, hail and some light snow flurries which is now accumulating on the sidewalks.

12:00pm Thursday, December 17th: Nothing is happening at this moment much to the disappointment of our reporter and sources. Any accumulation of snow/hail has now disappeared. Regardless of the lack of weather, we want you to know that this reporter is still committed to providing you the up-to-the-second updates.

6:30pm Thursday, December 17th: Our reporter experienced snow flurries at exactly 6pm exactly when the BBC said it would in AB15 post code area. Now since our reporter is inside her flat and looking outside the window, it seems that the flurries have stopped. At least she got some joy of ‘walking’ in snow today.

8:44 am Friday, December 18th: SNOW WATCH ABERDEEN 2009 is on hiatus until something actually happens!

1:46 pm Friday, December 18th: It appears that it is very lightly snowing in the city. Our reporting staff is going crazy and no longer care about the work day.

2:16 pm Friday, December 18th: Big big big snowflakes! The world outside resembles a snowglobe! Our reporting staff is giddy with excitement and wonders when they can go home!

6:25 am Saturday, December 19th: Our reporter attended a Christmas party Friday night and walked in her party finery to the party location while there was about 1-2 inches of snow on the ground that had fallen in just 2 hours and it was still falling.  It had stopped however when she walked home. More is on the way!

8:30 am Tuesday, December 22nd:  Our reporter, even though she’s suffering with a cold, is joyful to see snow on the ground…more snow then before. Our reporter didn’t realize the depth of the snow until she stepped out into what looked like 5-6 inches of fresh snow (yes, she was prepared with her boots). Could there be more… on the way? Or is this the end and melting begins?

12:30 pm Tuesday, December 22nd: Our reporter has been quoted saying “It’s pouring snow!” And looking outside it is definitely snowing hard!

1:40 pm Tuesday, December 22nd: Snow showers come and go but has stopped falling in the city for now. Hopefully this will give the Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City road/gritter crews a chance to clean up the road mess to help those leaving town for Christmas and make everyone happy. 

Here’s a link to some photos of Aberdeen City from their webcam:

Looks like it will be a white pre-Christmas…may clear up over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but more on the way after Christmas…maybe it will be a white New Years!


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