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Merry Christmas: New Christmas Traditions December 24, 2009

Filed under: Food,Scenic Routes — tlobner @ 11:30 am

It’s Christmas Eve and I am embarking on being on my own and creating my own traditions.  I’ve been raised in a family who loves to cook and to enjoy eating it together.  Among the family Christmas traditions is what we eat at Christmas.  You can’t forget the cabbage rolls and pork pies on Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve Fondue or the Christmas Day Dutch Baby Pancake or even the Christmas Day Cinnamon Rolls.  (These traditions are based on who I’m celebrating with but they are part of my traditions nonetheless.)

Tonight, it’s my turn to create my own traditions, after all I am in the UK celebrating Christmas on my own for the first time EVER. So my plan is that I am going to watch The Holiday and eat Christmas Fettuccine ( before going off to a Watchnight Service in Aberdeen.  I’m also going to make a gingerbread cake ( to go with some coffee.  I think this will be so tasty. 

Then early morning (like 5am) Christmas Day, I will call my family (it will be Christmas Eve for them still) and bake my Orange Cinnamon Rolls, fry up some bacon, make some coffee and eat away.  I’ll open my gifts while still in my pjs and then get ready for Christmas Dinner at my boss’ house in the afternoon…maybe I’ll take a walk through the nearby Victoria Park.

Everything is closed on Christmas Day here, so there is no luxury of going to see a movie like in the States to break up time while the dinner is cooking…But there’s always Boxing Day…and the new movies open then.

Whatever your family traditions, don’t forget the real meaning of Christmas…the Birth of Jesus and His purpose on earth…to die for our sins…taking our punishment so that we can be with Him eternally.  “Hark the herald angels sing: Glory to the newborn King!Peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled….Mild He lays His glory by… Born that man no more may die…Born to raise the sons of earth…born to give them second birth…”  This is what Christmas is all about!


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