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Reminders… January 19, 2010

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On Saturday, it was pouring rain and crazy windy here in Aberdeen and I was planning to ‘stay in’ and out of the weather, but I received a text from my friend encouraging me to venture out and join her in errands and coffee.  When I was getting ready to leave, a quiet voice reminded me to look for boots.   Kind of random, you think? Actually, not.

You see the boots I’ve worn just over 2.5 years now, a pair I bought when I arrived in Aberdeen so that I could walk around in something other than my hiking boots and tennis shoes, are beginning to fall apart.  The rubber/plastic in the heels have thinned and are beginning to shred.  One of the zipper puller-upper things has broken and has been replaced with a paper clip. The shoes are still ok and are wearable but not really suitable for dressy, office wear.

I’ve known I needed to get new boots since before Christmas, but nothing I’ve seen fit me or were the right price (cheap), so I had dismissed the idea for the meantime.  I periodically would glance into shops to see if there was anything that matched what I wanted, but no luck.  So on Saturday, I was reminded again to actively look for boots.  I knew exactly what kind of boots I wanted;  long boots, with a heel but not too high, leather, black. 

When I met up with my friend I told her that in our outing that day I would be looking for boots and that I didn’t have to buy right then because I was just looking. Well throughout the afternoon, I looked.  I saw boots too big, too expensive (even the ones on sale), suede, etc.  Not the right ones.

As we were walking back up the hill to our flats, I glanced at a charity shop that I visited the day before and there they were.  Long boots, with a heel but not too high, leather, black.   I stopped my friend telling her I needed to check them out.  They were my size (slightly bigger, but fit around the legs) and they were within my budget (way below £20 budget).  They actually cost £12.  Yes, that’s right, you aren’t imagining what you just read.

Well, I showed them to my friend through the window and she gave me a “Yeah!” and thumbs up.  I snatched them up — quickly!  I am so thankful for the boots and that God prompted me that day to look for them.

I wanted to share this story because it reminded me that God DOES know our needs (from the simple to the complex) and HE DOES provide–not that I ever doubted but it is so exciting to be reminded of His promise in a personal and tangible way.


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