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Tiffany’s Tahini Sauce for Sweet Potatoes May 18, 2010

Filed under: Food — tlobner @ 5:14 pm

I’m almost sure someone has created this before me because it is so simple…but I created this sauce/dip in my mind while walking home from work and considering my dinner.  With not much time to eat tonight, I decided to cut a sweet potato into fries (or chips as they would be known here in the UK) and serve them with a dip.  (Wash the potato, cut into fries, place on tin foil in hot oven and sprinkle with olive oil and seasoned salt).

So here it is.  There are no exact measurements, all based on taste and preference.

Tiffany’s Tahini Sauce for Sweet Potatoes

Spoonful tahini

Soysauce to taste (mix with tahini to make a paste)

Balsamic vinegar (mix to tahini paste)

ground ginger (a dash or two)

a little bit of water to make it a sauce

Mix it and taste it…adjust seasonings and serve with your sweet potato fries

Enjoy…I sure did!


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