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Blogs and Podcasts September 10, 2010

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Forever the student, I’ve found myself hooked on certain blogs and podcasts this summer, anxious to learn from the knowledge of others.

I’ve been delving into the vegan blog crowd to learn from their experience – tried, tested, tried and tested again –  and knowledge.  Looking at sites such as and  for great ideas as well as learning from their experiences and decisions to turn vegan.  Within these sites, they have led me to many more sites and many inspirational (personal) stories.

In my previous post, I wrote that I have been ‘vegan’ for 6 months…a good chunk of the time I’m sure I was actually on the fence with consuming (at my weak moments) butter and eggs (within baked goods only).  Additionally I have had a tough time locating vegan/dairy free chocolate chips, in fact I don’t think they actually exist in Aberdeen, Scotland.  So what would normally be known as vegan would actually be vegetarian, which isn’t a bad thing.  Anyways, dairy free chocolate kind of scares me… I can’t help thinking it would have the same side effects as diabetic chocolate (I’ve never tried…only heard from one who knows…my sister.)  So, with this in mind I’ve tried to use dark chocolate (with at least 70% cocoa) when necessary in whatever I bake things with chocolate.

It has dawned on me that no matter how hard I strive to make sure I have the required ingredients, I will probably never find 100% of everything I need for a specific recipe, especially when recipes call for ingredients that are just too hard to find.  So, I’ve decided not to worry too much but concern myself with other things like learning more about eating healthy and wisely, maintaining proper food portions, and utilize the knowledge I’ve gleaned to experiment a bit and learn from my cooking and baking failings.

So far, everything I’ve tried, save one main dish recipe and one gluten-free recipe, has been so good, and I look forward to advancing from stir fry’s, tofu, easy roasted vegetables, couscous, brown rice, etc, to other great dishes, all the while keeping away from cheese (my main problem).

As I look over the new ideas from these sites, I almost don’t know where to begin!  How I love this part of learning!

Lately, I’ve been eating up podcasts, literally one right after the other.  Keeping up with Lance Hahn at Bridgeway in California and getting caught up on sermons from Matt Chandler from The Village Church in Texas.  There are a few others that I’m sure I’ll be adding soon, but for now, these pastors are so great because they are straight forward, unapologetically in your face at times, which I appreciate.  Both make me think about where I am in my journey as a Christ follower.  They both have challenged my growth and maturity.  Every week, I can’t wait to get the next podcast loaded on my Ipod.

Obviously, I have not been lax in my learning and I love that there is something to learn daily about these two very big areas in my life…my eats and treats and my spiritual growth.

What enriching things have you been doing over the summer or was it a relaxing one for you?  Do you have any favorite blogs or podcasts?


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