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Waiting…patiently… October 15, 2010

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I’m sure the people in my neighborhood think I’m a little bit strange as they see me walking down the street with fallen leaves in my hands, stopping abruptly to pick up a new one and so on.  But I’ve got this fallen leaves fetish.  I’ve been arranging them in glass vases because it brings autumn indoors without having spend anything.  And with leaves still falling, I can easily replenish them when they’ve dried out. See how cute this is?

Fallen Leaves arrangement

One thing that dawned on me today is that these poor leaves are hanging around waiting for something to happen…besides falling off the tree.  We are all waiting for something more to happen…waiting for the cold and waiting for the snow… (for some who are excited about changes in the weather (That’s me…if you didn’t figure that out or never caught my Snow Watch Aberdeen 2009 posts which you can find here at the beginning of it all and again when I was cold because the snow was still around), there’s that feeling of excitement, but for those who hope it’s not like last winter, there could be that feeling of dread, so sorry).

Then, there’s the patiently waiting for certain things to happen in one’s life, or waiting to buy certain longed for items, and then there’s me…

Sure I’ve got tons of things I’m patiently waiting for…a dls camera, a cuisinart food processor among a few things…but mostly I’m trying to be patient regarding my visa to stay in the UK.  Today, I sent off the first application on behalf of my employer…part 1, employer sponsorship license…done!  Part 2 includes an application from the employer for a certificate to hand to me to include in Part 3…my own application for a tier 2 visa…a work visa.

The past couple of weeks have been so stressful at work, that it took me, not sleeping well for two days, to put the time in my boss’ calendar for her to focus on the Part 1 application.  Well, that’s done, and paid, actually, and the additional paperwork required was mailed today!  So, now the waiting patiently begins…and will continue until all parts have been completed and my passport with the new visa attached is in my hands…and all before 25th December (25th December??? Yes, I fly that day for Israel).  Please pray for me as I wait…patiently!

Psalm 37:34 (NLT) Don’t be impatient for the Lord to act.  Travel steadily along his path! 

That’s what I’m reminding myself throughout this process…just trust Him as you walk and live for Him!

Are you experiencing something similar??  What things are you waiting for??

Here’s a picture I took last Saturday while walking with a friend along the Deeside Railway Line

Deeside Railway Walk- October 2010


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