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With 4 cups of pumpkin you can make… October 24, 2010

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Pumpkin Butter!!

Yes that’s right.  I made pumpkin butter.  I’ve never even had pumpkin butter in my life, but I was going to make it, by gosh, because other blogs I frequent mention it and I wasn’t going to be left out.

After the pumpkin had finished roasting, I removed it from the oven to cool.

I peeled the skin off of the cooked pumpkin and placed it in a mixing bowl to be pureed.  (Remember I don’t have anything fancier than my trusty handblender, so I had to do this in stages until it was blended into a puree.)

Pureeing the pumpkin

After the pumpkin was pureed, I followed the recipe for pumpkin butter from Angela over at Oh She Glows.

Pumpkin Butter ingredients

Pumpkin puree, apple juice, sugar and spices in the pot

If you are at this point in the making of the pumpkin butter, make sure you keep the lid on your pot on at all times and take the pot off the burner when you stir it.  The mixture really spits out of the pot and it’s hot!

After the mixture has simmered and pops for 30 minutes, take off heat and let cool.  Now, if you used canned pumpkin just follow Angela’s recipe…but if you used fresh pumpkin like me…you need to add a step to the recipe.

I didn’t like the grainy texture of the mixture and wanted it smoother.  So I grabbed my handy handblender and blended the cooked puree until it reached the consistency I wanted.  It is so smooth!

Pumpkin Butter cooling

I was a little worried about the strength of the cloves, but I added this to my vegan overnight oats this morning and it was so good.  The cloves were very mild and did not overpower the other spices at all.

I think this would be very good with cheeses and crackers…a great appetizer for parties that you have coming up!! Give it a try!


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