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Finally … News about my future December 9, 2010

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Well, it seems that I will be moving back to the US in January (not sure of date yet). 

I kind of had a feeling that my time in Aberdeen was slowly coming to an end, and today, I was informed by my employer that the application for the certificate of sponsorship was denied.  That’s it.  That’s the one thing that I needed for my visa application.  Denied.

Am I happy?  Am I sad?  Am I afraid?  Am I excited?

I have no idea.  Best to say a mixture of all.

Perhaps more than anything,  I’m relieved.  Relieved that I finally know. 

Finally know that I have a direction and no longer hanging in limbo.

Perhaps this will help me get over the flu, the fevers, the cold, and the cough…

Perhaps this will allow me to see all the blessings I’ve received, especially those I’ve received lately…

Perhaps this will once again remind me how much God loves me so that I don’t fear the future that’s ahead of me…

And there’s not that much time left…

So now the list making, detail finalizing, cleaning out, packing up, shipping out, saying good bye to all my dear friends process begins … pray for me … for all of this and for what’s ahead!



One Response to “Finally … News about my future”

  1. Tina Says:

    If you want a place to recover.. we have a spare ‘room. ( that was done with the finest British accent). I know this is bitter sweet for you. Enjoy that last of your time.

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