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My Journey back to the West…part 2 December 31, 2010

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Hiya!  Well, it is New Years Eve…or Hogmanay (as it’s known here in Scotland) and I’ve been busy.

The boxes finnnnnallllly came yesterday evening about 5:30pm and I began packing…all the prep work I did while waiting for the boxes really paid off.  I’m now packed for the most part.

This is how it looked a few days ago…

Things to ship

It now looks like this…

I’m just waiting for a couple of days to put a few other things before I close it all up including some of my knitting things and this…

Not bad, huh?  All that’s left are the clothes and things I need for the next couple of weeks.  What’s next?  Arranging when the boxes are picked up to ship, clearing kitchen cupboards and cleaning the flat.  I have a nice collection of things to give away, so I’ll be arranging that too. 

Happy New Year!


One Response to “My Journey back to the West…part 2”

  1. Kristal Says:

    Good job Tiff! So glad the boxes finally came and you were ready to pack them all away. I’m so glad you have had the last 3.5 years over there, but I must say Sis, I’m also glad you are coming home. I’ve missed you!

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