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PostADay/Week Topic 1 January 1, 2011

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I guess I always love a challenge…one that requires me to step out of my comfort zone.  By participating in the Postaday/week, I know I will be considering the different topics to write about and to allow me grow creatively in my writing. 

So kudos to WordPress for providing the first topic:

List three countries you’d like to visit, and why you want to go.

I know this exercise is optional, but the topic really got me thinking.  So, depending on the topic, if I’ve got the time and inspiration, and if it doesn’t go too far off my own plan for this blog,  I will participate.  Of course I won’t forget the other reasons why I blog…to share my insights, recipes and other fun things…especially my journey back to the west!

So this topic that was provided as a jumping off place for us daily or weekly bloggers actually is exciting.  It’s always good to think about where you’d like to visit or what you’d like to do because it gives you an opportunity to plan and dream which in turns helps you make goals. 

Back in 1994, I took my first trip to the UK.  During that trip, I also visited Paris, but I fell in love with the UK.  I had a dream to live in the UK for at least one year, but I didn’t know how I could do it.  Then in 2006 or a little earlier, my cousin and her husband came to Aberdeen, Scotland for her husband to get his PhD.  Well, my uncle followed…leaving me to wonder would I ever get a chance to live in the UK…they are doing it why not me…and it was my cousin that put the thought into my head.  She said “Tiff, isn’t it your dream to live in the UK for one year?  Why don’t you check into getting your Master’s degree?”  Thanks to her and the rest of my family’s encouragement, I did…and I’ve lived here so much longer than I expected.  I’m now in the progress of returning back to the States, but the experience has been so incredible.  I wouldn’t exchange these 3+ years for anything!

Since my first trip to the UK, I have been fortunate to visit Ireland, Rome and Paris, but there are so many other places to visit. 

Three places I’d like to visit?  

First of all, I must provide a disclaimer. I love to travel so these three places are not in any order of preference or the only places I’d like to visit…but I had to choose 3 and these are my top 3.

1) Greece-food, history, blue water, a photographer’s delight

2) Israel-Biblical history, food, family (I have a cousin living there)

3) Mediterranean Island hopping–food, fun, a photographer’s delight, food, lemons, olives, and on and on…I know this isn’t one country but includes the islands of Spain, France, Italy and Greece…need I say more.  Back home in a box some where is a Bon Appetite magazine that showcased this idea.  I even entertained this idea with my sister but it wasn’t the right time…maybe someday soonish!  Perhaps we’ll need to win the lottery to make this one happen…

What about you?  What places would you like to visit? Any dreams you need to pursue?


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