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My Journey Back to the West … part 3 January 6, 2011

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Another monumental event is happening in my journey back to the west.  The boxes I waited for before and after Christmas are all packed up, taped up and ready to be taken away. 

The paperwork that I had to complete was more nerve-wracking than anything.  On a final phone call from the shipping company it was revealed to me that I needed a color photocopy of my passport.  I immediately panicked…I didn’t read that I said to the girl…but there it was in black and white…maybe they should have printed it in color so it would have stood out better…or perhaps I should have read the words on the paper rather than just glancing and skimming.  The girl on the line said it would probably be ok to have a black and white copy of my passport but it may cause some problems, but if it’s very clear copy then it may work. 

Well, after getting off the phone with her, I wasn’t convinced that the black and white copy was going to be the best route.  I immediately tried to figure out who would have a scanner/copier and be able to print in color.  I didn’t want my things to get delayed so the black and white copy wasn’t going to do unless there was no other way.  After several phone calls to friends, I called my friend (and first flatmate) Josie.  Josie told me that they indeed had a scanner/copier and could print in color…my lifesavers…that’s what they are! 

I made my dinner (orange glazed tofu with brown rice and quinoa and a variety of roasted veggies)…because I needed to eat and the tofu had to be eaten and I already had the rice and the quinoa on to cook.  Rush, rush, rush.  By the way the rice and quinoa combo is excellent…fiber and protein in one fork-full.  Anyways…quickly ate, cleaned up and rushed down to Josie and George’s house to get the passport color copied. 

And so, the color copy of my passport is now taped to the paperwork and I’m set…so hopefully there won’t be any delays because of that.  Honestly, I hope there aren’t any delays period.

From here, the boxes go down to Kilmarnock (near Glasgow) and get put on a pallet to Kent where the paperwork will be processed.  From there they are shipped to the US heading to California…if I timed it all correctly, they should arrive a few days or at least a week after I arrive.

So now you see them…

And, now you don’t…

Right.  That’s done.  All that’s left is the remaining items to give away and my own personal items to pack into suitcases and clean out the kitchen cupboards.  Things are moving along now quite rapidly.  Soon I will be on the plane home to California.

But for now, I’ve got to change into business clothes to get to work.


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