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Postaday/week Topic 4: My Own Topic January 8, 2011

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Since I haven’t participated in the most recent topics for the PostaDay/Week challenge, I decided to come up with my own topic today, which is what I normally do for the blog, but it did occur to me that perhaps it was time to share some of my inner geek to the world.

I’m going to see the movie The Kings Speech with some friends tonight and, honestly, I can’t wait.  The movie has been getting great reviews and nominations for different awards, and I’ve even read about rumors of Oscar nominations and whispers of a win for Colin Firth.  All those things aside, it’s about the British monarchy.

For someone, currently living in the UK but very soon on her way back to the States, learning and following the accounts of the British monarchy has is ingrained in me…my grandmother (Canadian), my mom, my sister and I just love to know about them.  I’ve watched movies made to give us Americans a glimpse into the lives of the monarchy…the history they make, etc.  And, this new movie is just another angle in the story of Bertie and Elizabeth (that’s a title of a movie and about the same couple, and recommend that one too).

I love history (and not only did I do my undergraduate in History, I’ve got a Masters in it as well).  Nevertheless, I love seeing movies, not documentaries, but interesting movies made to make history more relatable, even though I’m often hestitant about the accuracy of the script, the accuracy of the costumes (this is a big deal for me and woe to the movie that does it wrong even if they were going another angle…ie. Becoming Jane), set design etc. I’m always a little concerned about the actual truth being stretched and the blatent ‘creative license’ being used to create completely made up events to look like they actually happened all for the sake of the story telling or character building (for example the assassination attempt on Queen Victoria’s life in the movie Young Victoria…ok, that never happened).

Ok. I’ll stop.

Nevertheless, I’m extremely excited about this new movie.  Did I mention that Colin Firth is in it?  And, did you know that Jennifer Ehle is in it as well?  For those who are sitting there with no clue as to what I mean…Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth, the best version ever made of this beloved book by Jane Austen.  So cool to see that they are working together in this.

I also decided to do a little research about the historical accuracy of the movie and found this article (which links to other articles) from The Telegraph. 

While I know no movie could ever be completely accurate, I do appreciate the attempts movie companies and directors make at trying to be accurate.  I think it’s the writers we need to be concerned with…and the rare costume designer who decides to go rogue.

Do you like watching historical movies?  Have they ever caused you to stop and think and want to learn more?  Which ones?


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