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My Journey Back to the West…Part 4 January 13, 2011

Filed under: Scenic Routes — tlobner @ 12:00 pm

Hello.  It’s Thursday.  Tomorrow is my last day at work, and I’m getting excited.

Why?  Because I’m going home! 

I can’t believe I feel excited when I wanted to stay here in Aberdeen, but now I can’t think of any place I’d rather be right now. 

I finished the packing of my things and the scratching the remaining to do’s off my to-do list.  Thanks to Becky for keeping me motivated!!!  Last night, I moved out my flat (thanks Heather) and I am now staying at my friend Claire’s house, then sometime next week, I will move over to my friend Dawn’s house and then, a week from tomorrow, I’ll be leaving on a jet plane!

Keys and final things will be dealt with this afternoon, and any bills needing to be paid have been.  I can almost smell the In-n-Out burgers! (Which I won’t be able to eat because I don’t eat meat or cheese, but I can still enjoy the fries and the smell of the onions cooking!)  And, Taco Bell… Well it has been 3 long years without these favorites!

So now, all I have left to do is enjoy things…enjoy people…enjoy! 

On a side note, I really hurt my finger packing last night, hopefully it will correct itself and be straight again rather than being a little crooked at the top knuckle… (it’s not broken).


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