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It’s a Different World February 4, 2011

Filed under: Locking In,Scenic Routes,Weekly Post Challenge — tlobner @ 7:08 am

I’ve been back in the US for exactly two weeks and it truly is a different world.

It feels like many things have changed (for good or bad) in the last three years.  Things like…getting immediate satisfaction from using your own shopping bags (especially with a financial incentive of 5 or 6 cents credit per bag!  No plastic/paper bags for me!), new driving rules, salad restaurant places have closed down, female newscasters with long hair, watching TV shows online is soooo much better than watching it on your TV (can’t stand the amount of commercials, but that’s not new), it’s illegal to ask for food or money on street medians, Netflix wanting to eliminate the DVD and to push for digital downloads for immediate viewing, family relationships and growing older…

But perhaps it’s me who has changed the most…

I see things differently, react to things differently, desire different things, find joy in different things, consider food differently…but one thing that hasn’t changed is fear…fear to start looking for a job, fear about what’s ahead, fear that I’ll fail and not be doing what I want to be doing, fear, fear, fear….that’s what’s holding me back right now at looking for a job.  And it’s taken me this week to figure out the roadblock that has been preventing me from getting my resume updated and a job search started.  I hate that!

And now that I’ve admitted it, maybe I’ll be able to break through that road block and get going…ok, maybe I’ll start Monday…it’s Friday, after all.

Some things I’ve been doing…I’ve been driving more this week than I have in three years and was able to drive on the freeway with no mishaps, though I did experience a little nervousness.  I’ve been finding all the ingredients for cooking and baking vegan that I couldn’t find before and even trying some new things (at least for me) like tempeh and chia seeds.  Whole Foods truly is an expensive vegan paradise!  I’ve found some other stores that sell some things I need (for a little less) so I don’t need to go to the vegan paradise as often (I hope).  I got a new snazzy smart phone (I got it ‘free’) but I don’t like having to pay to text people or to receive their texts, it’s sooooo wrong! I’m so going to need a different phone plan. 

Something to look forward to…visiting my sister in Tacoma, WA this coming week, checking out Tacoma and Seattle and visiting my cousin and his family in Vancouver, WA…

Something to pray for?…my fear…that I get over it, push past it and get going on figuring out what I will be doing for work and where I will do it!  For courage.


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