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A break from the “Sun”… February 9, 2011

Filed under: Scenic Routes — tlobner @ 8:06 am

It is winter after all.

Today, I’m heading north to Washington State and I’m bringing my camera so stay tuned for some views of the Pacific Northwest.  I’m visiting my sister, who I haven’t seen for almost three years, so I’m excited to see her more than the Pacific Northwest.

On a side note, looking at the weather for the week ahead…there’s very little difference in the weather in Washington compared to Aberdeen…so into the suitcase goes the warm layers.

Some things I’m looking forward to see/do in Seattle and Tacoma…Seattle and Starbucks…checking out some vegan cafes/bakeries, if possible…trying not to take pictures of the looming Mt Rainer that can be seen for miles around…visiting my cousin and his family…Starbucks…Pike’s Place Market…the very first Starbucks location…movie/tv location stalking…Starbucks…Starbucks…Starbucks.

Honestly, I don’t drink that much coffee, but when in Rome…right?

Check back next week for an update with pictures!

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