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Sun, Sand and Sea Glass in Cayucos, CA March 6, 2011

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On Saturday, 5th March 2011, my mom and I headed out of Fresno bound for Cayucos, a beach town on the central coast between Morro Bay (to the South) and Cambria (to the North).  Cayucos is very much a real beach town with its relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  And get this, no stop lights exist in Cayucos.  The main road starts from the freeway exit and ends at the end of town at the freeway entrance.  Such a great place!

Cayucos was hosting the inaugural Sea Glass Festival.  Sea Glass is glass that has been weathered by sand and water over time, and can be hard to find.  Plus, it was forecasted to be in the 70s, so it was a great opportunity to get out of town and head to the ocean.

We arrived in Cayucos to find a long line extending from the door of the Vet’s Hall…it was quite a long line.  My mom went ahead and got in line, and I took some pictures.  Our total wait was probably about 45 minutes, but because of the wait we scored a couple of bumper stickers that would normally be sold for $1.  Cool.

After walking through the Sea Glass hall, we took off for Morro Bay for lunch.   I immediately tore off my shoes and put on the flip-flops I brought with me…I couldn’t handle wearing shoes anymore. 

After lunch we went back to Cayucos to walk along the beach to look for some sea glass and shells (my mom) and take some pictures (me).  The outcome:  my mom did find 1 piece of sea glass…and I took a ton of pictures, some represented in the slideshow below.


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2 Responses to “Sun, Sand and Sea Glass in Cayucos, CA”

  1. Emma Taylor Says:


    Those photos are looking amazing, I see the camera was a good investment! I’m at work having a wee skive in the blogsphere and thought I’d check how your getting on. I do miss your baking, seeing those speckled vegan muffins made my mouth water! I made some panckaes yesterday for shrove tuesday with pear grated into the mixture, not vegan but good all the same. Im extremely jealous of the sun and scenery you get to enjoy, it seems a world away. Anwyay I’ll e-mail you soon for a proper catch up

    em x

    • tlobner Says:

      Hi Emma! Soooo good to hear from you. The cupcakes were very tasty…even with the speckled frosting. The pancakes you made sound yumm-o! Catch up with you later! 🙂

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