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Fire, Fear and Faith March 30, 2011

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I’ve been reading a lot of books since returning back to the states, and one of the books I’ve just re-read is one of my favorites, At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon.  I’ve read and re-read this book many times, and when I found out that my aunt was reading it for the first time, I wanted to read it again once had she finished it.  I’m so glad I read this book again because it reminded me about the freedom of faith, about the paralyzing force of fear, and the promise and encouragement of Philippians 4:13.  Just exactly what I’ve been faced with today.

Also, this afternoon I took a little time to get back to the Beth Moore study on Esther that I started back in September with the women at my church in Aberdeen.  I haven’t picked it up since the beginning of November, and to be really honest, studying scripture hasn’t really been on the top of my list lately…until today.  And, did I find a gem in something Beth wrote.

On page 74 of the workbook, Beth was summarizing the plan that was in place for the annihilation of the Jews and she stated that God’s timing was perfect in a sense that the edict to annihilate the Jews was delivered on…get this…Passover.  Basically, Beth said that God had a plan of deliverance at the original Passover, and He had a plan for deliverance of the Jews in Esther’s time, and He did.  Beth stated that He who delivered them could deliver us.  She said “He who delivered you from drugs can deliver you from distraction.  He who delivered you from bankruptcy can deliver you from bingeing.  He who delivered you from infertility can deliver you from inconsistency.  He who delivered you from the fire can deliver you from fear….Remember what God has done for you…Remember who you are!”

Well, needless to say that quote really spoke to me, especially “He who delivered you from the fire can deliver you from fear.”

And, He has delivered me from the fire, many times, and perhaps, He has recently delivered me in advance of a firestorm, and maybe He is delivering me again…and He can deliver me from fear.

My fear lately is that I haven’t been able to find a job in Fresno or where I have been looking…in tons of places on both coasts, but perhaps I’ve been looking in the place He has chosen for me.  A possibility has opened up, and an opportunity placed in front of me, only it’s not what I thought for myself, but perhaps it is exactly where God wants me.  Now, I need to examine it and trust…move from the fire and fear and into faith.


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