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Spring and Being “Green” May 3, 2011

With Spring here, I’ve been fixated on the flowers and my one tomato plant that are blooming and growing in the patio garden.  With the weather getting warmer, they all need to be watched closely and watered frequently as needed.

I am in love with Sweet Peas at the moment.  I’ve snapped a few photos of them…take a look.

I just love how simple and beautiful they look as well as their sweet fragrance!

I’ve also been really considering my use of plastic bags when I shop.  While living in the UK, I always carried rolled up shopping bags in my bag so I would have them with me no matter where I went.  Also, because I would shop for groceries or other items during my lunch break or after work, I wanted to make sure I had them with me at all times. 

Now that I’m back in the US, I still carry my bags everywhere, but I’ve noticed that I’ve been using a lot of clear bags.  Obviously since I don’t eat meat or dairy, I buy a lot of produce and use the plastic bags for them, but lately I feel like I’ve been overdoing it with the plastic bags because of the great deals I’ve been finding in the bulk bin areas of the stores I frequent…for items like nuts, seeds, dried fruit, spelt flour, etc. 

Just throwing the bags away make me sick to think about how much I’m wasting.  So, when Earth Day rolled around, I noticed that another blogger had posted information about reusable bulk bags.  The blogger shared a couple of sites where you could buy them, but since I have not only a sewing machine at my disposal but a Hobbylock serger as well, how could I not make my own.

Last week, armed with a 50% off coupon from Joann’s, I purchased my 3 yards of 100% cotton muslin ($1.99/yrd).  I simply cut the sizes I wanted for my bags as well as cut the strips for the drawstrings and quickly sewed them up.  (I washed, dried and ironed the fabic before I got to cutting.)  I made 3 different sizes–small, medium and large.  I think they turned out great, and will use them soon.

Here they are:

The bags are so easy to make and hopefully they’ll help me avoid over using plastic bags.

Also, some stores give you cash credit if you use your own bags…Winco, Target, Whole Foods are a few that give you a few cents off your purchase for every reusable bag used.  Not sure if they’ll give credit for using your own bulk bin bags, but at least having a few reusable shopping bags on hand saves you 5 cents on up per bag.  And, I’m sure you know that when you bring your own travel mug or cold drink cup, Starbucks take a few cents off as well, and I’m all for saving a few cents here and there.

I know I’m not the only one take a few steps here and there to be “Green”…Are you doing anything new to be “Green”?


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