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Mary Mary Quite Contrary… May 17, 2011

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How does your garden grow?

With three kinds of lavender, pansies and geraniums and pretty sweet peas all in a row….and a tomato plant.

Yep, that’s my garden. Or rather it’s my mom’s but I’ve taken on the nurturing as it gives me something to do.  Since being home, I’ve helped add the lavender and the tomato plant into the mix.

Here they are:

The lavenders…English, French and Spanish. I may have to rethink the placement of the English and the Spanish lavender.  They are in a large pot together and I’m thinking this was a bad choice based on historical issues…bad blood, Henry VIII, Spanish Armada and all.  Both are doing well, the Spanish lavender more than the English, but I think they need to be on their own.  I’m sure by the look of it with numerous blooms, the French lavender is relishing being independent.

The French Lavender, flourishing


The English Lavender and the Spanish Lavender, best on their own?

 The sweet peas, despite looking a bit like a jumbled hedge, are continuously blooming.  I’m cutting stems daily!


The wild Sweet Pea 'hedge'

The pansies are struggling a little…but I think this is because they are past their prime. But I’m trying not to give up on them.

The Pansies

The geraniums are newbies.  They are replanted stems from my grandmas’ geranium.  They are looking ok.  Just hope they look a little better soon.

The Geraniums

And, last but not least, my crowning glory…(drum roll please)…my tomato plant.  I’ve had it for a few weeks now and it was about 4 inches high when I got it and now it’s huge.  Last week, it was so thirsty.  I knew that it need to be replanted.  Sunday morning I woke up to it being bent in half, luckily the stems weren’t broken.  I think they were bent due to the manic rain storm we had and the weight of the branches.  So, in another rain storm Sunday afternoon, I replanted the tomato plant and added stakes to help with the weight of the branches.  I think it looks happier.  I counted 11 possible tomato opportunties…with 2 blooms and 2 more about to bloom…just love vine ripened tomatoes!

The Tomato Plant
Have you started a garden?  What’s in your garden?

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