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A New Chapter is on the Horizon July 15, 2011

Filed under: Locking In,Scenic Routes,Weekly Post Challenge — tlobner @ 7:46 am

This week I received great news. 

I will be moving down to SB in the next couple of weeks to start at WC (place will be not be named).  So exciting.  Even my new co-workers are excited that I’m joining them. 

And, now I’m a little nervous…all kinds of thoughts are running around in my head.  Thoughts span from excitement…

…on Saturdays, I’m going to do this…farmer’s market…beach…ride my bike…use my camera…find some vegan friendly eating spots…

…to realistic and grown up concerns like…

…ok, what will I do if I can’t find a place to live…groceries, where/how will get them by bike? bus?carpool?…making new friends…finding a church. 

All those things shaping into my new chapter!

I was wrong in blog posts past about being in pause and about how difficult it has been (no doubt it has been emotionally).  The was I see it is that my life has been on pause, but living has not, and I’ve made a number of friends here as well as spending lots of time with my mom, grandma and my aunt and uncle…time well spent.

I’ve been thinking about changing the title of my blog since I am no longer living in the far north or even in the north…I need to figure out how this can be done without losing any content and need to come up with a great title. So thinking caps on…go!

Now that the pause button is slowly being lifted, I am thankful for the time to pause but even more thankful for the ability to see the new chapter on the horizon.


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